Detailed Chapter List

Chapter 1: “Boogeymen” and Monsters

Chapter 2: Ted Bundy’s Murderous History

Chapter 3: Rape and Sexual Assault

“It won’t happen to me.”
Definitions and Statistics
The Aftermath of Rape
Lack of Consequences
False Rape Allegations
Making Changes to the “Rape Culture”
Post-Rape Suicide
Who are the Rapists?

Chapter 4: Alcohol Facts

Consequences of College Drinking
What Happens When Alcohol Enters the Body?
The Effects of Gender on Intoxication
BAC Range and Physical/Mental Effects
When a Drink is not a “Drink”
How to Maintain a Safe Blood Alcohol Level
Alcohol Poisoning
What to Do for an Alcohol Poisoned Person
Binge Drinking
How to Drink Without Getting Drunk
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI)
Riding in Pickup Trucks

Chapter 5: “Date Rape” Drugs

General Effects of Drink Spiking
What are Drink Spiking “Date Rape Drugs?
How to Guard Against Having Your Drink Spiked
How to Tell if You Have Been Drugged and Raped and What to Do

Chapter 6: Personal Safety for College Women

Violent Crime Statistics and College Rankings
Professional Residential Security
Personal Residential Security
Personal Safety When “Out and About”
Personal Safety When Walking
Emergency Self-Defense Tactics
Car Smarts
Being Stopped by the Police
ATM Safety
Are You Being Stalked?

Chapter 7: Self-Defense Tools

Close-Quarter Defense Sticks
Cat Design Defense Key Chain
Pepper Spray
Stun Guns
Knives (Not recommended for college)
Firearms (Not recommended for college)

This should be required reading for all women. If I had the financial means I would be handing it out in high schools, colleges, shelters and to women in general. It can be a dangerous world out there. Mr. Parke is accurate, readable and offers a common sense approach to staying safe or how to to stay alive if you didn't manage to stay safe. He does a wonderful job of educating. Mr. Parke has the right background, intelligence and caring attitude to make a difference.

- Lynne G