As a practicing psychologist for 30 years, I have worked with thousands of adults who were traumatized as children or adolescents, as well as with their families. Many of them grew up with few and/or poor boundaries, which left them vulnerable to the very kinds of personal violations described in this book. Mr. Parke makes the perils of being a college-aged woman in America infinitely clear, and his advice for how to recognize and handle these perils is unparalleled. This information-packed book is a quick read in one sense--but it is one that you will refer to over and over again during your or your daughter's college career. I give it an unqualified "excellent" rating.---John C. Friel, Ph.D., MN and NV Licensed Psychologist and New York Times bestselling author of 9 books, including "Adult Children: The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families" and "The Power and Grace Between Nasty or Nice."

Review by the Tallahassee Democrat

Do you believe something bad could never happen to the young, independent women in your family? That they will never be stalked, sexually assaulted, kidnapped, or worse? Most victims probably thought the same. Some survived. Some did not.

Ever wish you had a succinct book of knowledge to provide the young women in your family? Or maybe you’re that young woman, heading out into the world, concerned about the crime and horrors you see daily on the news. You glean bits and pieces of advice, until it all swirls around in your head and nothing makes sense. You take chances. You don’t stop to plan ahead.

Author Robert L. Parke’s book Staying Safe in an Unsafe World: A Guide for College Women fills the void. Drawing from his years in law enforcement, civil investigations, and private security, Robert L. Parke covers multiple subjects: rape and sexual assault, date rape drugs, personal safety, alcohol use, ATM tips, and self-defense tools. Making the book even more intriguing, he delves into the history of serial killers like Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and others.

Staying Safe in an Unsafe World: A Guide for College Women is not a book to freeze you in a quagmire of fear. For every statistic the author provides, he also lists common sense steps to ward off attackers, protect your identity, your residence and valuables, and your body.

Nothing is absolute. Even heroes fall. The best defense against crime is not denial; it is knowledge. Robert L. Parke’s book provides that knowledge and a wealth of easily implemented measures to help keep young women safe. Compact and easy to understand, this book is an absolute must-read, not only for college-bound women, but for anyone.

Headed to college? You need this!

This gives all the greatest advice about how to stay safe on campus. Most colleges refuse to admit that any crime or dangerous activity happens on their campuses, but everyone in reality knows that things like that happen. You can be safer if you arm yourself with the wisdom that is in this book. Better to be safe than sorry. If even one tip in this book is one you can use to stay safer ... it is worth the price and more! You'll find lots of useful information and ideas in this book. I wish this had been written when I was attending college, but now it is there for new current students.

Amazing Book!

This is a fantastic book! It gives great advice for young women, especially women in college, and it has great safety tips people should know for everyday life!

A Must-Read for every college student!

A very well written and educational book for not only the college girl, but every college student, high school graduate and parent. Colleges should incorporate this book into their orientations. I will be sharing mine! Thanks Robert L Parke!

Not Only For College Women.

This should be required reading for all women. If I had the financial means I would be handing it out in high schools, colleges, shelters and to women in general. It can be a dangerous world out there. Mr. Parke is accurate, readable and offers a common sense approach to staying safe or how to to stay alive if you didn't manage to stay safe. He does a wonderful job of educating. Mr. Parke has the right background, intelligence and caring attitude to make a difference.

On my gift list for every young woman in the family!

This book amazed me, and I am not easily amazed. It will be on my gifting list for any young woman in my family.

Common Sense Approach

A common sense approach for young people to the threats of today’s world. This text offers education on possible dangers. It then offers practical strategies that can help individuals avoid trouble.

This should be put in every college freshman woman's welcome packet!

Extremely comprehensive! Parke does an excellent job of putting college women on the offense to their own personal safety. Very well done.

It is truly a dangerous world and this little book will hopefully be read by a lot of folks and some of the tragedy that has befallen many can be avoided.

Most adults have an idea of how to stay safe, at least to some degree. Such is not the case with most of the college students I have known and worked with over the past twenty years. This book is a quick and easy, almost "in your face" approach to educating young folks about the danger that is out there, particularly on the college campus. Mr. Parke spends the first part of the book giving a brief history of serial killers and on-campus violence. He then explores how college students can keep themselves safe with attending school. Why the college campus is not the safest place and what one should do in order to ensure their safety. Most of the suggestions are those, "Oh, I know that" kind of suggestions but after I read them I realized that while I may know them most college students don't. As soon as I finished this I passed it along to my three grown children and suggested they pass it around and spend a couple of hours reading it, if only as a refresher. It is truly a dangerous world and this little book will hopefully be read by a lot of folks and some of the tragedy that has befallen many can be avoided.

Great advice

Every college and high school student should read this! It gives great advice from a true professional.

Useful and well written

A well written book filled with so many useful tips for college women. A must read before entering college. Robert Parke does a fantastic job relating real life events to young women.

The facts of drinking in a straightforward way.

Everyone should read this book, even young men. Parke presents the facts of drinking in a very straightforward and non-moralistic way. I particularly found the part about "Girls, do not try to match a guy drink for drink because you will end up on the floor in the presence of a drunk who has lost his inhibitions." Clearly Parke does not condone bad behavior on the part of young men, but this book is aimed at providing young women with the sense and information to avoid situations that put themselves at risk. Unfortunately we do not have a culture in which young men are taught that a girl who is drunk needs to be protected, so girls must protect themselves. This book gives them the information to understand how to do it without moralizing. Every girl should have this book in high school, let alone before she goes to college or to work.

Great Book

This book truly shows anyone how to stay safe no matter what situation you find yourself in. It really makes people realize how unsafe the world is around us and how we can protect ourselves.

Best Investment You'll Make.

This is one of the best safety books for all women. The author really knows what he is talking about!


This book is very helpful and will ease the mind of any college student! It is also a great book for parents that have a child in college to read.

Great Book!

I just got this book and have already learned so much about how to protect myself in the unsafe world we live in.

Excellent Information for Every Female College Freshman

Robert Parke's book should be in the hands of every female college freshman. He gives valuable information about being safe on campus and beyond. His tips range from being aware of one's surroundings at all times, traveling in groups at night, to partying. I highly recommend this book for all women who travel alone through the world.

A Timely Educational Read for the Whole Family - Together

Bob (Parke) and I grew up in St. Pete, FL and were high school classmates there in a time when this book would have collected dust on a shelf. When a bunch of us get together, we always reminisce about how lucky we had been as kids to grow up there in those tranquil days. So, knowing Bob as I do, it must have been a melancholy road to travel from an idyllic youth to the not so innocent world we live in today, gathering the experiences and knowledge it took to write this amazingly comprehensive survival guide. In my healthcare career of many years, I have seen and heard a lot of bits and pieces on the same issues but never one source put together so well.

My four granddaughters (ages 12 -24 yrs., one entering a long distance university) as well as my 20 yr. old grandson already in college, will be receiving copies and hopefully, will introduce the book to their friends and teachers at school and church. I also think it will make an extremely valuable gift to friends.

Easily understood and easily implemented

Mr. Parke's book is a must-read for any parent . His decades of experience in both the public and private sector have given him broad insights into the dangers facing not only college women, but women in general in today's increasingly violent society. I viewed the book from the perspective of my own career in the private and public sectors and he has thoroughly and succinctly identified the risks faced by women in today's world and detailed defensive and avoidance strategies that are common sense in their approach, easily understood and easily implemented.

I bought my copy as a gift to my 16 year old daughter who will be entering college after having lived a rather sheltered life; any advice I might have for her is said far more eloquently and logically than any 'lecture' from me would ever provide.

Must Read for my Entire Family

Reluctantly, I read this book believing my world was safe. Now it's a must read for my entire family. Safety doesn't just happen inside the home.

Could Very Well Save a Life!

"A man I've known for over 20 years with incredible knowledge and a man of utmost integrity! This book could be for ANY female, whether she's college bound or a 40 year old divorcee. Or, just a woman out shopping by herself, at her car, in a parking lot, oblivious to the idea that someone may be watching her... Waiting... Not to throw out scare tactics, but it is a very different world today, and as women, we need to learn to be more aware of what's around us and mindful in all that we do. Bob's words are true words of wisdom and could very well save a life! It's worth the read. I would trust him with my life anytime!!"

With my experience directing the murder investigations that ultimately led to the capture, conviction, and execution of serial killer Ted Bundy for these crimes in Tallahassee, Florida, I can enthusiastically recommend Mr. Parke's book as a must read.

- Endorsement by W. Ken Katsaris, elected Sheriff of Leon County in Tallahassee, Florida from 1977-1981, during the well-known terror spree of Ted Bundy